We have all the space you need for your group and the experience to get things organised properly.


Friendly, helpful staff that can organise the logistics of arranging dives for a big group is what we offer. We have the facilities to host large groups and not have them tripping over one another. We have the equipment and the space. We can even do the catering.

Dive Experience

We have the knowledge and dive experience to offer you a great dive experience. We have hosted army groups on AT and for ELCAS, dive clubs from the different parts of the world, as well as university dive clubs. We understand what is needed not just to scale up the number of divers, but also to keep them together as a social group.

We aim to offer a service that leaves you happy with every aspect every day, from being picked up from your hotel to meeting your guide and talking about the sites and the diving, to being shown the amazing life in the Red Sea, to relaxing over lunch and chilling post dive.


Our guides are there to organise and oversee the day and not just the dive. They won't appear just in time for a briefing and disappear after the dive. They will guide you through the entire day and be on hand to help you have a great time. Pre-dive they will explain the entry and exit points and if there is anything to be wary of. They'll use maps to show you the site and will then enter the water with you to guide you around the site and show you the special things we have in Dahab. We only use experienced guides with a proven track record, often those we have trained ourselves. They will happily chat with you about the diving, or about Egypt, and offer advice to improve your diving. They work in harmony with club leaders / instructors to see they are getting out of the dive whatever is planned.


Our dive centre has a lot of space. We have over 70 wet lockers with hanging space for suits and BCDs to match. Cars are able to pull up right to the edge of our flooring so we can put equipment together and have the cars load without lugging equipment around. With plenty of parking space there is no waiting for cars to pull in and out, we are ready to go whenever you are ready.

With plenty of seating you can spread out and have briefings or lunch without being on top of each other. We have toilets, showers and refreshments all on site so you don't have to keep moving between the dive centre and your accommodation.


For us, being in a club means something more than tagging along together. We might stagger groups entering the water at dive sites (some sites have bottlenecks), but we keep everyone together for the rest of the time. We understand that being in a club is about the shared enjoyment of diving and the camaraderie. The social aspect is just as important as what you experience underwater. Which means a BBQ with ice cold beers is a must!

We have a great on-site cafe that can cook breakfasts, lunches and that does a great BBQ of chicken, sausages and kofta with a variety of dips and salads and jacket potatoes. A BBQ is fun any time of year and with the space we have everyone is free to mingle and socialise. If you like we can take the group into the desert for a Bedouin camp fire with sweet Bedouin tea, where you can relax and see the stars without the light pollution of city lights. We offer games such as cards, backgammon, dominoes, badminton and - always good for a laugh with groups - pictionary.

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