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AWARE courses

Learn about the marine environment and do what you can to help it.


PADI started Project AWARE as a way to get people learning about the marine environment. It was separated into a charity and aims to get divers and non-divers involved in protecting the marine environment. AWARE is in capitals because it stands for Aquatic World Awareness Responsibility and Education.

We offer a range of PADI Project AWARE courses.

Andrew Mackenzie Master Instructor

Poseidon Divers are pleased to announce that we are now working in cooperation with PADI Master Instructor Andrew Mackenzie, who has over 20 years experience diving in the Red Sea and who has worked in Marine Science, as well as other specialised areas of the diving industry. Andrew is a keen supporter of Project AWARE, and he’s a distinctive specialty instructor for Project AWARE - Dive Against Debris.

Coral Reef Conservation

During this course we inform divers and nondivers about the plight of the world’s coral reefs. The course describes how coral reefs function and why they are so important. It also reviews why many reefs are in serious trouble and what individuals can do to prevent further decline.

Most divers, snorkelers and environmental enthusiasts have already visited or plan to visit a coral reef. The AWARE – Coral Reef Conservation Specialty course provides the knowledge base for proper interaction while touring a reef. After this course there is an optional snorkel excursion to one of our many beautiful reef systems. During the course we will look at;

  1. Project AWARE
  2. Importance of Coral Reefs
  3. Understanding Coral
  4. Complex Nature of Life on the Coral Reef
  5. Coral Reefs in Peril
  6. Protect the Living Reef
Coral Reef

Fish ID

The AWARE Fish Identification speciality includes two open water dives. This course is designed to introduce divers to the most common families and species of fish found in temperate and tropical waters. Divers learn basic fish identification and scientic surveying techniques. Through an overview of Project AWARE and other preservation and research efforts, such as the REEF Fish Survey Project, divers also learn the importance of personal involvement in aquatic environment conservation. During this course we will cover;

  1. The Project AWARE philosophy about protecting worldwide aquatic ecosystems.
  2. Fish family groupings and common characteristics of fish species found in the local area.
  3. Fish surveying techniques and strategies for collecting valid data.
  4. The planning, organization, and procedures for identifying fish families and species while diving.
Fish Families

Project AWARE Peak Performance Bouyancy speciality course

One way all divers can help the environment is by not making contact with anything underwater and the best way to achieve this is The Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Diver course. The philosophy is to polish a diver’s buoyancy control beyond the Open Water Diver level to be more efficient – saving air and energy – and help the diver avoid damage to the aquatic environment. We recommend this course for new divers and those getting back into diving after a break.


Dive Against Debris

We are excited to be able to offer you the latest course from Project AWARE; the distinctive speciality Dive Against Debris. This is an awesome course including an open water dive where you the diver have the chance to make a real difference to the underwater environment, right here, right now.

During this course divers will become equipped with the knowledge and skills to complete Dive Against Debris survey dives, including learning how to safely remove debris, what to take, what not and why. Also including the process of reporting the data online via projectaware.org

Dive Against Debris surveys and the date submitted are essential to help drive change and inform policy. Conducting these survey dives allows you the diver to make a direct difference to our amazing dive sites all over the world, helping to clean our seas and oceans as well as protecting the marine life that lives in them.

Rubbish Collection

Project AWARE Specialty

Project AWARE Specialty program which is a nondiving program designed to familiarize divers and nondivers with the plight of aquatic ecosystems around the world. It also describes what individuals can do to help protect aquatic resources. This course is a great way to introduce groups and families consisting of divers and non divers where all can do a course together and learn about such things as;

  • The role Project AWARE Foundation plays in protecting aquatic ecosystems worldwide.
  • The importance, and the interdependent nature, of aquatic ecosystems.
  • The pertinent issues concerning the environmental status of underwater environments, such as pollution, fisheries and coastal zone management.
  • Information needed to take specific actions to help conserve underwater environments.

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